Who We Are

Plott is a collective of creatives, engineers, inventors, military veterans, designers, weekend warriors and DIY’ers. We are based out of New Jersey, with our own factory in Kunshan China.

From working with construction professionals and our own DIY experiences, we understand it's not easy to change your surroundings. It's a time consuming and complicated process to get all of the dimensional data, calculating its relative placement, relaying that information into a design, then calculate/measure all over again to find those points in real life to make the change.

We make smart technology that bring the real world into visual app with dimensional context for design, then bring your design from the virtual back into the real world with dimensional guidance. All without you having to do any calculations.

We are your partners in your creativity by freeing you from the measurements and calculations, and enabling you to focus on how you want things to be, and then making the change in the real world.

Contact Us

69 King Street
Dover, New Jersey 07801
Tel:(973) 347-6830
Fax:(973) 347-6870

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